Liana Cane Int


Liana Cane is more than just furniture. It’s a way of doing business that is holistic. A model that promotes and practices concepts of sustainability as they relate to people and the environment.

Liana is a generic name for woody rain forest vines that attach themselves to the towering tree canopies while their roots and multiple offshoots droop down to the forest floor. Similar in look and texture to the rattan and bamboo of the Far East, the kufa and nibbi vines are used for the structural elements of the furniture. Nibbi, a small vine that grows from the forest floor up the trunks of trees , is used for binding joints as well as for weaving that gives wicker-like appearance to some of the pieces. A fibre of the Ite palm is made by women into a twine called Tibisiri. This is used for the production of a cord-like material that is woven into fabric for the seats and backs of the chairs and tables, unique to Liana furniture.


Plot 9, Madewini, Soesdyke
Linden Highway

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