Guyana Arts & Craft Producers Association


Our artists and designers use local materials in their work — pottery clay dug from the earth and natural glazing materials, leather that is a by-product of the meat industry, plants and seeds with names like Job’s Tears and Buck Bead harvested by hand everywhere from the rain forest to city by-ways.

Salvaged purple heart wood from the jungle is used for jewelry. Tibisiri is a fine, pale and flexible straw from a special part of the leaves of a certain palm tree, harvested in a sustainable way and worked into lovely woven objects.

If you are in Georgetown, Guyana, drop by Hibiscus Plaza, where outdoor kiosks sell the work of association members. (On Robb Street 100 metres west of the famous wooden cathedral.) Visit other parts of Guyana and you will find more of us — the Association has members in all 10 Administrative Regions of Guyana.

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Plot 9 hibiscus crafat plaza, north road
Madewini, Soesdyke
Linden Highway

Website: Contact: Samantha Corlette Contact Number: 592-223-6114 Contact Email:
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